Can’t connect or activate DJI Goggles RE to Mavic 2 with DJI Assistant 2? See here

If you bought the Mavic 2 Pro with DJI Goggles RE (Racing Edition) pack or you got the Mavic 2 and separate  goggles (either the Racing Edition or the white ones) with the intention to use them with the Mavic 2 Zoom, you probably experiences the Catch 22 that makes it impossible to use the googles with the drone. DJI specifically advises to use the newest DJO Assistant 2 in order to update the Mavic 2 drones, which turned out nearly impossible task – the drone wouldn’t update through the DJO Go 4 app, and the DJI Assistant 2 doesn’t always work (I wrote a short article here about it). The version they uploaded for the Mavic 2 is 2.0.0, and now it turnes out it is not compatible with the pre-installed firmware in the DJI Goggles (RE), and that stops you from connecting to the application and updating the goggles.

In turn, not being able to update the goggles makes it impossible to connect to the Mavic 2 drone – in fact the pre-loaded firmware doesn’t even have the model in the menu, and choosing anything other than connecting and activating the goggles through the DJI Assistant 2 is not a viable option. Now, problem is there are different versions of the DJI Assistant 2, and the latest, which is used to update and connect Mavic 2, is not compatible with the goggles, so there are few steps you must follow in order to make it work:

  • Have a Win 10 PC or Mac. I tried on Win 8.1, no luck whatever I do.
  • Disable all Antivirus and firewalls, download and install the DJI Assistant 2 version 2.0.0 for Mavic 2, connect the drone with a cable and update the drone.
  • Uninstall the software from your computer completely.
  • Use the drone remote with your phone DJI Go 4 app (download from Google play store or the Apple app store), no need to download apk.
  • Back on the PC download DJI Assistant 2 version 1.2.4 for Goggles RE and install it.
  • Try to connect the goggles with the supplied USB cable. DJI Assistant should now show the goggles, if so – update them to the latest firmware using the update and activate with DJI Assistant 2 in the goggles menu.
  • After update, disconnect (doesn’t matter, actually) and now go back to the menu, activating the goggles with the now present option for Mavic 2.

Now, there is a chance you won’t be able to login in the DJI Assistant 2 because of missing secularity code – I’ve no idea what causes it, don’t ask me! The DJI developers did a bit lousy job, and for such an expensive toy, it should have worked out of the box instead of going through all the gimmicks.

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