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Well, we are in Zagreb, a beautiful Croatian city with roads leading west blinding you eyes at sunset, lights blooming everywhere and very strict rules where to park your car. Coming from Sofia, Bulgaria, with it’s two zones and no way to leave your car for the day (may be I have to write an article, there are ways to do it) , I didn’t expect to find such a civil solution to parking in Zagreb

I’ve looked for information and most of it turned out to be obsolete. Problem is that the parking machines have English menu, but the ticket names are in Croatian, so here is an easy guide for you. We stayed for 3 days (four with the evening we arrived, downtown Zone I parking system works until 22:00 h so…).

1. Don’t bother with underground parking lots. They may or may not have a solution to park fo a full day or weekly. I tried one near Esplanade Zagreb Hotel on Ul. Antuna Mihanovića 1, it charged me 8 Croatian kunas (HK, about 1.10 EUR) for an hour.

2. Park outside, on the side of the street that has similar signs (mind you, some spots are reserve, but they are marked):

1st zone is most of the central part, so you can move your ca quite a bit

3. Obviously, you may use it for half an hour for 6 kn (less than 1 EUR), 2 hours for 12 kn (1.65 EUR?) and for a full day for 100 kn (which is like 14 EUR). What it doesn’t tell is that you can also pay for a week (up to 3) or a month). You just need to find a machine:

Parking machines (“Parking vending machine” as our host named it) are hard to miss

4. Push the button on the machine, choose a language, and you will be presented with the following menus:

Choose “Parking tickets”
Fill in your car plate number
Choose a zone. Like I said, Zone 1 is most of the town, or the parts you want to go.

5. Here is the tricky part – 24 hours (daily) costs 100 HKR. Tjedna (weekly) costs just 180 kunas, or like 24.5 EUR, and you can use up to 3 these chained. Just choose 1-3 weeks in the next menu, and a starting date. Mind you, if you arrived in 8 pm, just start with the same date, no point risking for the two remaining hours the zone is open.

From my observation you can stop almost anywhere with emergency lights on, as long as you don’t bother the rest of the drivers. Easy to unload your car this way. Zagreb is nicely orderly for someone coming from the chaos in Sofia, Bulgaria. Everything is marked on the road, signs everywhere, parking is organized so no surprises as a missing car if you paid, no need to leave tickets on the windows, etc.)

I hope that helps someone, it’s a great place for photographers and people looking for general city beauty. Oh, and try the Zoo too (tram 4 from the railway station stops nearby).

Bring something longer than 85mm if you are going to the Zagreb Zoo


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