Finally managed to update my DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Chances are you’ve already ran into this problem if you tried to update your brand new DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom – Network Error. The dreadful error just wouldn’t go away! So far I’ve been able to replicate this on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, and Huawei P20 Pro, and the error persist no matter if I use WiFi or 3G/4G. And there is more! I’ve read that I can download the PC (or MAC) DJI Assistant 2 and that it should update the drone without problems. And I tried, believe me, I tried…

First of all – you don’t need the Android app from DJI’s website. It’s the same as the Google Play app, so don’t bother downloading and installing an app from your file system.

Then, you should start with downloading the PC or Mac version of the software here from DJI. Before you install it, turn off your Firewall, Windows Defender and ANY Antivirus software you are using.  Don’t worry, it’s safe, as long as you don’t do anything else before you start the application. After Installation and starting the DJI Assistant 2, you will be required to login into the software with your DJI account.

And here comes another possible problem – you may not see the security code in the login box, and without it, you cannot login and continue to update your drone. People told me I have to restart it few times (along with the PC) to get it to show the security code, but I ha no luck with this solution. I’ve used the software on three PCs, one of them Win 8 (didn’t work no matter what) and to Windows 10. I’ve been able to login only with my latest PC under Windows 10. Chances are if you are running older Windows and especially drivers, it won’t work. I’ve no idea why, I’m not the app developer.

If you can login in the app, you will be able to update your Mavic 2. Simple as that. As long as you don’t turn on the Firewall and the Antivirus software, which will flag the app as some kind of trojan or virus, you won’t have any problems to update or refresh the firmware.

Posted by Nikolai Tsekov

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